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Pathways to the Self

This workshop focuses on the deeper meanings behind the photographs you create. You will delve into the “why” you create what you do and understand how your emotional connections and memories serve to drive your images.

This three day workshop will take place in Sedona, Arizona and guide students.

What You Will Learn…

You will explore your underlying reasons for creating the images you do in a stunning environment combining supportive and insightful workshop sessions as well as photographic outings and exercises.

The Schedule

(A Detailed Schedule Will Be Provided After Sign Up)

Day 1: Orientation

You’ll arrive to your rooms, Have Dinner Together, then experience the welcome orientation and discussion

Day 2: Genre, Actual Subject, and You

You’ll explore the why you create images as well as an outdoor photography exercise.

You’ll attend workshop sessions to explore deeper meanings.

You will receive personalized instruction and guidance during a field photography session

You’ll have dinner with live music and lively discussions

Day 3: Every Photograph is a Selfie

You’ll continue to explore the underlying reasons why you create the images you do.

After breakfast, you’ll have continued personalized photographic sessions where you will gain insight into your work as you create it.

You’ll have additional field photography sessions as well as lively workshops and discussions through the day.

You’ll have dinner with the group and continue your discussions as well as exhibiting your created art in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Day 4: Knowledge is Power

Dawn Photography group session


Field photography session

Lunch and Workshop Intensive Session

Close Out Presentation

Group Dinner, Live Music and Creation Review

Day 5: Conclusion

Group Breakfast and Discussion

Close out Session and Self-Discovery project